Nicholas | Western NY Senior Photographer

I always say I want to capture each senior client “in their element”. For some, this is on the basketball court, for others, it’s in the library, and still others want me to join them in the great outdoors. Nicholas is one who LOVES being outside, and he’s an avid hunter. You may not be able to tell from these photos, but it was only about 48 degrees the day of his session, and we had strong winds (it felt more like 35 degrees with that wind chill!). Nicholas didn’t let the cold faze him, and was all smiles. We were able to get lots of photos of him in his natural hunting spots, and we even saw a buck run through during the session. We weren’t able to capture the deer on camera, but that was super cool, and added so much depth to our time together.

Nicholas is part of the Class of 2019, although he has already graduated early, thanks to his amazing work ethic. Besides hunting, he also enjoys spending time with his dog, and he’s really proud of his truck. Of course, we included his trick in these, and were able to truly capture him just as he is. He has several options for his future, including joining the military or becoming a law enforcement officer. I know his strong personality and hard work will take him very far in life.

Are you a hunter or outdoorsman? I’d love to talk to you about how to do an ‘in your element’ session just like this one. Yes, it’s possible and I’m happy to traipse around with you to make sure your senior session is everything you want!

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