When You Don’t Want to do Senior Photos…

Believe it or not, I meet a senior here or there who really doesn’t want to do senior photos. There’s a variety of reasons for this (some which I tackle below), and I wish I could solve them all, but I wanted to share my heart as a photographer. Whether you are excited for the photoshoot, or if you are dreading it, I hope you read these with an open mind:

-If you don’t want a photoshoot because you’re not going to college: I have met lots of nontraditional students, or graduates who are not heading off to a University or community college. I want you to know that even if you’ve chosen a different path than your friends, it doesn’t negate the hard work that you’ve done up until this point, and doesn’t make your decision less worthy! There is nothing to be embarrassed about, even if you don’t have a plan after college, or if you stopped classes and earned your G.E.D. Your photos are about your life’s journey, not just your accomplishments.

-If you feel self-conscious about your appearance: There’s a long list of reasons why a senior might not want to do photos, but a few of the ones I hear most often are: gaining or losing weight, acne, hair or skin issues, braces, or feeling awkward about physical changes you’ve experienced during high school. I understand! We all have things we feel embarrassed or unsure about, but it’s my goal to make sure you feel beautiful and confident. If you share your feelings with me, we can work together so you feel prepared with poses, ideas, and the things you love about yourself, so that you can love every single image.

-If you think the photos are just for your mom or dad: Maybe you’re being urged into senior pics because your parent(s) really want those heirloom quality images, but you could care less. I get that not everyone cares to have their photos done, but the day is seriously way more fun that you may think! You can chime in with your opinions about locations, props and outfits, and make it truly about who you are. Want to include your cool car, your musical instrument, or your artwork? We can do that! 

Please contact us today to find out more about our truly customizable senior sessions…they don’t have to be run of the mill. They can be special, about YOU, and better than what you’ve imagined…we promise!

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