Why You Should Think Ahead for Your Senior Session

Time moves so fast. It might seem like just yesterday that you started high school, and now here you are thinking about getting your senior pictures taken! There’s probably one big question looming in your head when you think about your eventual senior session: when should you book it? This is a big one for the class of 2020 especially, because more often than not, you have to plan about a year in advance. The question of booking is a big one, but one that can be quickly answered after giving it some thought. To help, here are my tips for deciding on the best time to book your senior session!

Think about deadlines – This is the first tip because it has to come before everything else. Are you working with a time schedule that restricts when you can have your session? Are there yearbook deadlines, and do you know what your school’s timeline is? It might be sooner than you think, and if you don’t take it into account and end up scheduling a session right around the deadline, then you might find yourself in quite a pickle. I recommend that you get your session done before school starts – that way, you can sail through your senior year with one less thing to worry about.

Know your favorite photographer’s busy times – It’s no secret that photographers get super busy during the spring and summertime. It’s some of the most beautiful times of year, and they give you more wardrobe options to choose from. It also means that the photographer whose photos you’ve fallen in love with for the past few months might be fully booked by the time you get around to reaching out to them. This can be useful, though, because if you have a set date and a few photographers in mind, their busy times can help you whittle down your choices. Booking with me is very simple – all you have to do is follow this link and shoot me a message!

Know your busy times – Maybe you’re on a sports team that has a very busy season, or maybe you’re part of a club, like theatre club, that keeps you always moving. Do those busy times conflict with the date you have in mind for your senior session? If you’re thinking the spring, and you’re on the softball team for instance, you’re going to have a packed schedule that might not allow you to get your senior session done. You might be able to pull it off if you book early enough, but keep in mind that that date that works perfectly with all of the things you have going on might not be available. All it takes is a bit of planning to make that dream session happen, so stay proactive!

Know what your dream session looks like – This one is important, because if you don’t have at least some idea of what your dream session would look like, then you will have a hard time choosing when to book it. Think about it: do you love the outdoors? If you do, then would you want it out in the woods, or in a garden with new blooms surrounding you? Do you love the way the changing colors of the leaves go with your favorite outfit? Or, do you love the way the setting sun reflects off of the buildings downtown? These are all the sort of season-sensitive questions you need to answer for yourself before you can think of booking your session, because otherwise you might be disappointed. Once you do have a vision for your session, choosing when to have it will come naturally.

All of this said, the rule of thumb for booking your senior session is to do it sooner rather than later. I’m ready and available to book when you are, but don’t wait! The perfect day might already be booked. I can’t wait to give you that perfect senior session you’ve been waiting for!

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